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Brett & Libby Foster

Road to Success at B/F was Paved with Right Choices 



photo by Backroad Productions

In the Beginning 

For many years I was helping my parents with their cattle operation and working for a local registered Angus breeder. In 1996 I got the opportunity to purchase my own farm and start a commercial cow herd. Over the next few years I purchased around 80 head of registered cows. This was a very expensive lesson. I learned the hard way that the majority of registered cows are not profitable when treated like commercial cows

We did however identify some cow families that were very profitable. We have built the core of our herd around these impressive females. We currently run around 300 registered cows and 100 commercial cows that we use as recipients for our embryo transplant program.

Family and Values

In 2004 I married my beautiful and uplifting wife, Libby. Since then God has blessed us with 3 little girls. Audrey, Maggie, and Teddy.

photo by Backroad Productions

Luckily for me, Libby is a patient woman. For it took me 36 years before I realized the Lord had to be #1 in my life. With my core focus on Him, I have a chance to be the kind of husband and dad that all of my girls deserve. I do believe that raising cows is my God given talent. So with that, I believe in doing business for Him. We do not spend crazy amounts of money to advertise. We also do not clip our bulls before our sale. This keeps the final bull price down. And not clipping them shows the customer exactly what they are getting.

Cleland Cattle

In 2012 we teamed up with Cleland Cattle Company to offer some outcross genetics. These animals, like ours, are still being bred and raised in fescue country. Jeff and Heather Cleland work their cows on horseback, but otherwise, we raise cows the exact same way. Their culling practices match ours, along with their integrity to produce an honest, dependable product. On top of their cow/calf operation, the Clelands background a couple thousand feeder calves every year. 

The Right Choice is to mark your calendar for our Fall Bull Sale on

Nov. 2, 2019.


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