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Brett's "No Bull" Guarantee

I won't sugar coat anything. It might surprise you to hear me be completely honest on every head I raise. But that's how I do business. I want to sell you a bull you can live with and one you'll be happy to tell your neighbor you bought from Brett Foster.

Bull Development

The Balancer Breed

We raise and sell Balancer® Bulls. This breed is a cross of Gelbvieh and Angus. The majority of our cows and bulls are black with approximately 10% being red. Gelbvieh brings to the table productivity through qualities like maternal, growth, fertility and muscling. Angus brings calving ease and superior carcass quality. We have chose this cross after witnessing countless other operations struggling to stay in business using nearly every other breed of cows. There is no doubt that the Gelbvieh cross female is hard to beat.

Bull Growth
We develop our bulls much differently than most. The only time these bulls are in a dry lot is the week that they are weaned. We grow these bulls on big, open pastures where the shade is a quarter of a mile away from a water source. This makes for poor daily gain, but builds some of the most rugged and athletic bulls you will find anywhere. 
For comparison, most fat yearling bulls receive close to three times the amount of calories per day, and most forage developed bulls on the market receive twice the amount of supplement as our bulls. Don't be fooled by the slogans that are placed on bull development systems. Anyone claiming to have bulls gaining 3 pounds a day on strictly fescue are attempting to fool you!

We do not sell any bulls before they are 18 months of age. A combination of the development practices and genetics, lets me say with confidence that these bulls will breed more cows for more years than most any bulls out there. That being said, we cut any bull that we would not use on our own commercial cows.


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"No bull"


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